CS 3043 Group Project - Iron Giant

Zachary Berry, Michael Collins, Lucas Ludington, Sean Tidd

List of Technologies

Class Topics

  1. Networked Communications
    • The internet does not exist in the time period when the movie takes place, so there is not much here.
    • The Sputnik satellite used radio communications.
  2. Intellectual Property
    • Does not Apply to the iron giant as there is no new invention owner needing intellectual protection.
    • Also the creator of the iron giant is not mentioned or present throughout the film.
  3. Information Privacy
    • In theory, the iron giant’s facial recognition can be (and is currently) used for privacy violations.
    • People worried that Soviet Russia was using Sputnik to spy on them.
  4. Privacy and the Government
    • During the government agent’s attempts to locate the iron giant, he invades Hogarth’s privacy by attempting to listen in on a phone call.